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What I Learned: 10 Life Lessons That Changed Me
In my book, I write about the many powerful (and life-changing) lessons I had to come to terms with during my divorce. I summarized a few of them here. Read the entries and comment, share with me (and with everyone else) your thoughts on what you have learned from heartbreak, loss and letting go.

It Takes Only One
Turns Out A Partnership Isn’t Really A Partnership

Sometimes There Is No Why
I Don’t Get To Know Why, But I’ll Ask Anyway

The Breaking Point Never Comes
I Can Handle More Than I Think (But A Little Denial Helps)

Anger Is A Tease
Anger Hides Everything I Need to Feel to Get Past The Anger

It’s Up To Me
I Am Not Alone, But Yes, I Am Totally Alone

It Feels Good To Think Small
Your Child Knows More About Life Than You Do

Grief Is A Companion
My Zen Lesson: Grief Is Not A Mountain, It is A River

It’s Okay That I’m Not In Charge
I Can Be Safe If I Accept That I Can’t Be Safe

The Answer Is A Riddle
Coming Soon

The End Is A Beginning
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