Sometimes the Bad Turns Good


Today a fellow divorced mom stopped by my Facebook page to leave behind a link to an amazing post she wrote about her long drive back home to St. Paul, Minnesota with her three kids, leaving her ex-husband behind in Portland. Let me tell you people, it is filled with wisdom! I wanted to type that part in all caps because I feel it so strongly, but i also didn’t want to shout at you.

This is what is left behind after grief subsides: wisdom. And you know what else was left behind? Her favorite summer trip with her kids, EVER.

Let this point be a lesson to us all: That which at first glance seems like a hard time (driving alone across our big, lonely country with your kids all by yourself as your marriage has ended, watching your idea of your perfect life get smaller in the rearview mirror), can later turn out to have been a beautiful revelation. So revel in it, those revelations. That’s what they come to us for, little sparkly souvenirs that are left behind on the beach after the storms have retreated.

Thanks for sharing, Molly!!!