So much to say, so much to learn


I think the surprise that has amazed me the most about my divorce is that it has been a pathway to so many really good lessons. And even now, when the divorce feels like old news (it was final in 2007), I’m still learning and discovering things about myself and about life that I wouldn’t have otherwise. As I wrote in my book, I don’t totally love having to learn some of these lessons, but I do really appreciate feeling wiser! Wisdom is a great way to offset some of the less satisfying aspects of aging (like those permanent dark circles under my eyes that have nothing to do with lack of sleep).

So for, I wrote an article about how divorce has made me a better parent. Why not hop over there and give it a read? Comment here or there about what rings true to you and share other lessons you’ve learned. It’s very hard to usher one’s children into heartbreak years before their peers will have to experience it, but I do still really believe there’s a way to do it that just makes them—and us—more forgiving. And yes, more wise.