Sandra Bullock Proves I’m Not Crazy

When I was kinda-sorta watching the Academy Awards on Sunday, I have to admit that I was wincing inside when Sandra Bullock did her on-camera interviews. I just knew that all the reporters wanted to ask her about her divooooooorce, since the last time we saw her at the Oscars, she was onstage thanking her then-husband in a tearful acceptance piece just days before she and the world discovered that he was a scoundrel. Ugh. I’m no celebrity, but having been through a divorce feels like a public humiliation no matter what your Q rating.

It turns out that a journalist did ask Sandy what life was like post-divorce. And I just loved her answer: That divorce has made her a better person. Because that’s what I’ve always said about my divorce. And then I went so far as to explain exactly how that transformation happened in my book, because people seem genuinely confused that something so “bad” could end up having a lot of good in it, too. Yes, there’s screaming, there’s yelling, there’s a lot of crying. And after all that? There’s the calm of coming to know who you really are. It feels good.

Hey, Sandy, if you’re ever in New York let me buy you a drink! Namaste!

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