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The Five Most Confusing Things Your Still-Married Friends Do After Your Divorce 
Your friends love you, they’re sad for you, and they’re angry on your behalf. But that doesn’t mean they won’t make weird missteps in the months following your divorce. Here’s some of their strange behavior, explained. By Melanie Mannarino.

Help Your Friends Help You
Friends always say “Whatever you need, call me.” And they mean it. Trouble is, when you’ve been shattered, asking for any kind of help just reinforces the sense that you are a big, hot mess. So why not email this article to all your friends instead? It will make it easier for them to get in the driver’s seat in helping you get through these hard months.

15 Irrational Thoughts to Expect—And Ignore
Here’s a cheat sheet of borderline lunatic thoughts you’ll probably have as you go through your own personal hell—and then have to put away before you do yourself more harm than good.

The Five Friends Who Will Get You Through Divorce
Do you The Vault on your side? The Entertainer? No? Well, you need to learn all about these two very special people (and three others) who will help you through this hard time.

The 5 Ways Every Divorce Is Exactly Alike
All divorces have the same, simple result: you shared a life with someone, and now you don’t. Read a few other undeniable truths. (And then share yours!)

Divorce Dossier: The So-Close-You-Can’t-Believe-It Divorce
Divorce Dossier is a close-up look inside one couple’s breakup: Here, Sam and Brian explain how, exactly, it happened that Brian was the best man at Samantha’s second wedding just six short months after their divorce was final. An amazing story of how they found their way apart, together.

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Divorce
First people ask who’s fault it is. Then they ask if there was an affair. Then they ask you about the money. But here’s what everyone forgets to ask about, when they talk about divorce.

Excerpt From The First Chapter of Falling Apart In One Piece
Get inside Falling Apart In One Piece, with this special sample of the first chapter, which begins at the moment Chris ended the marriage.

Bonus Chapter of Falling Apart In One Piece
This bonus chapter is sort of like “the director’s cut” in a movie. I originally intended for this to be the first chapter in the book. I thought I would greet my readers and potential naysayers with a disclaimer, that I would just go ahead and list all the reasons people might say my story shouldn’t count, just to get it out of the way. (Careful readers will recognize some of the sentences and paragraphs that made it into the book.)