Other People’s Stories, So Much Like Mine

I’ve recently started a new job, as editor of a new channel at BlogHer.com called BlogHerMoms. It’s a pretty amazing job, because I spend all day reading women’s stories about their lives that they’ve posted on the internet, and choose a few to feature.

Today I came across a piece that made me laugh, not just because it was funny, but because it described pretty much what had happened to me when my husband and I first separated. All our marriages and all our divorces may be different, but some things—like other people’s ham-handed curiosity—are the same for us all.

Here’s a snippet of the piece, written by Tara of Do These Kids Make Me Look Crazy?  Click through the read the rest on her site. It’s worth it!

Sometimes I Say Stupid Things. And By “I”, I Mean You.

I’m the queen of saying stupid things. Like last summer when I inadvertently implied that a friend was pregnant when she wasn’t and everyone congratulation her because she was starting to “show.” Or that time when I called my friend’s new boyfriend by her ex-boyfriend’s name at his own birthday party. Or yesterday, when I referred to a coworker’s daughter as a son despite the fact that a picture of the child is on her desk, and she has a bow in her hair.

It stands to reason, therefore, that karma felt compelled to taunt me after my husband and I separated a few months ago. Apparently, it was my turn to be the recipient of tactless questions and commentary. And because I prefer to think that I’m not alone in this experience, I asked my Facebook friends to chime in with their own sad tales. Here are some of my favorites.

Maybe you should try harder. (Let’s see, it’s been nearly a year, our counseling bill is higher than our mortgage payment, we’ve both lost ten pounds, and we still can’t speak to one another without tears or arguing.)

We never liked him anyway. Really? Like, you all sat around and talked about how you didn’t like him and it didnt’ feel at all disloyal to me? Awesome.

So, when are you going to start dating? Um, it’s Wednesday. He moved out Saturday. I’d answer you, but I’m crying really ahrd and the children keep pulling on my pant leg asking for Daddy.

Is this parade of ridiculous comments familiar to you? Have any other good ones to add? I promise that with a few years’ time, even these insanely rude comments get funny.

2 thoughts on “Other People’s Stories, So Much Like Mine

  1. Wow! She does an excellent job of summing up every stupid statement you hear within the first few weeks of a divorce. I got a good laugh!

    Thanks for sharing!

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