I Don’t Want Company

It’s finally happened, something I never, ever would wish for: A dear, close friend of mine, whom I’ve known since I was officially a kid, has decided she must leave her marriage.

I am happy to be able to be her guide, to lend my steadying arm, to have at the ready all the things you have to learn as you go through divorce, and then never need again. I hope I can save her some time, some fluster, help her find her way to her answers faster, with less confusion and panic.

I may be an advocate for finding a graceful way to let go in divorce. I may believe that I can help people choose the least damaging path when they fall apart.

But that will never, ever mean that I am blasé when I hear the news of another breakup.

Life is fragile. Handle with care. A moment of silence, please.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Company

  1. It’s rough when a friend joins a “club” like this. I felt similarly whenever dear friends had trouble getting pregnant or had miscarriages. I was happy to support them and be with them through it since I’d walked the path already, but so wished they’d avoided it. Thinking of your friend and hoping it’s a positive step for her, even though it’s sad.

  2. When we say I do for eternity, we all mean it. Each and everyone of us. It is a sad day when we decide to brake that promise, no matter the circumstances. It is such a personal sadness for each of us, the best we can do is be there for a friend. Your love and compassion will help her.

  3. Stacy,

    It has happened to me, as well! Friends and family joining the club that no one wants to join. I offer all the support, love and friendship I have and offer them advice only when asked.

    I have to agree, it’s never easy to hear that someone else’s happiness has dissolved into nothingness. It’s always a sad day for me when I find out that someone else is experiencing divorce.

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