Falling Apart, Now In Easy-to-Carry Paperback!

Today Falling Apart In One Piece comes out in paperback, and I’m pretty damn excited. It was thrilling a year ago when Falling Apart came out in hardcover, because, well, it just was so convincingly a book, you know? But now that it’s coming out in paper, I keep imagining all the places it will go: to the beach, to book clubs, on long train rides, to the bedside table with a lot of turned-down corners, from friend to friend. Hardcovers you keep; but paperbacks you share and digest and enjoy and spill coffee on. To me, that kind of love is the greatest compliment a book can receive.

I want to take this moment to repost my favorite review, ever, where Michelle of the Red-Headed Book Child stumbles across my book, and loves it, even though she hasn’t been divorced.  I love the questions she says the book raised for her, and I know that in the year since the book has been published, I’ve been having fascinating, amazing, complex conversations with hundreds of readers who have emailed me or posted on this site. Falling Apart may be a story about divorce, but in the end, the book is really about coming to terms with the strange transition of midlife, where we all have to start letting go of the idea that Every Single Dream We Ever Had will come true. And that we can do that in a triumphant way. In a joyful way. In a connected way.

And in just one week, I’ll be unveiling the new www.fallingapartinonepiece.com. So that we can all share these kinds of conversations together, whether about divorce or finding our way through any of the rough-and-tumble spots in life, with our optimism intact.

Thanks for joining me on the ride!

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