Do You Dare Date Again?

Well, of course I say YES, you do have to dare to date again. It took me awhile to buck up my nerve. For twelve months I was in total internal seclusion, just coping. And then I lucked out and started a text-and-telephone relationship with a college not-quite-boyfriend. It was like a relationship with training wheels (even though it was very consuming). The distance and the fact that we really couldn’t be a couple in reality made it all feel very safe. And then the relationship just slowly faded away. After that, I ended up online, that wonderful one-stop-shopping spot for groceries, clothes, books and toys, and a nice guy to go to a movie with on a Wednesday night when it’s time to stop being alone. (Warning: one of my just-for-entertainment dates turned into a now-three-year boyfriend! Funny how that happens!)

Here’s my radio interview with the fantastic Joanie Winberg, of the Single Again? Now What radio show (as well as the director of the National Association of Divorce for Women). In it, I talk about how to know when you’re “ready” to date again and how to get ready. (No, not hair and makeup tips; I talk more about how to get your heart ready.) Live and love! Especially after loss!

Click this link to hear the show!

One thought on “Do You Dare Date Again?

  1. I started dating several months after I moved out of my marital home, knowing without a doubt that the divorce was an upcoming reality. I had only “been” with my husband of 27 years, and exploring my sexuality was something I felt I needed to do. I was shy, and sure no man would ever find me attractive, and pleased to find that assumption to be erroneous.It helped my confidence, and gave me hope that one day …. just maybe…. I’d have another shot at marital bliss. The trick was to marry the right guy the next time around…and I did!
    So, while dating is quite a scary proposition (no pun intended!), with lots of new guidelines for doing it safely, it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed!

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