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getFiles“After Falling Apart was published, I received hundreds of emails from people sharing their own stories about heartbreak, divorce and making peace with life’s rough patches. I was really moved by the different ways we each process loss and make sense of it. So I decided to make this website a destination for us all to share our stories—to find company when we need it, advice we can share with our friends (see the “Read” section), or a laugh, or a piece of relevant distraction.

I really invite all of you to join the conversation about heartbreak, loss, divorce, and the fragility of life—whether you’re divorced or not. We all have to come to terms with not getting to be in charge of what comes our way.

Please know that comments and contributions will be moderated with the intent of promoting a supportive environment, and I reserve the right to remove any content that veers too far away from conversations about loss, resilience and the unfailing strength of the human spirit. The goal is to create a supportive, embracing community of people who have heart, compassion and a sense of humor and who know that heartbreak really sucks, but it’s not forever.”—Stacy Morrison

RBKMelanie Mannarino, a contributor to this website, is a writer and editor living in suburban NJ. She was the first of her friends to get married, in 1997, and the first to get divorced, in 2004. She kept the cat and dog in the settlement, and has since remarried.

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