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Hello, there, anyone who is out there! I am so happy to announce and show off my new home for Falling Apart In One Piece.com…. My lovely book site had been completely taken over by spambots, and there was nothing I could do to save it, except build again.

That’s a pretty apt metaphor, isn’t it? For a site about a book—and, more importantly, about that moment in life—about rebuilding one’s life from the ground up?

In the years since Falling Apart In One Piece came out in 2010, a lot has happened. Just as I knew it would. I fell in love. Again. My boyfriend moved in with me and my son. Then my parents became gravely ill out of nowhere (healthy in December, both gone by July), I resigned from my post at Redbook, and I set about doing everything I could to help them through their last months, and then to pack up and sell everything they’d ever owned after they were gone.

Gutting times, to say the least. I clung to a lot of the lessons I’d lived in this book: holding on, knowing it wouldn’t always be this dark; remembering that life takes sudden left turns and the grief would lift. But I was also thrown into a more confusing space than even in my divorce, so much of my identity yanked away from me.

And, then, after the first year after their death, I started writing a new blog about rebuilding my life… again. You can find that blog here, at Filling In The Blanks. Fair warning: This blog is intense, as it is me living through all my loss in real time, not one year after I’d realized I’d made it, like the book is. And, of course, it’s also very raw because my boyfriend and I, despite our best intentions, despite our five years together and how much we loved each other, simply could not make it work. The reasons are many, and I could write 10,000 words about them, but as I wrote in Falling Apart, the only reason that matters is because we could not stay together. And yes, it was, and is very sad.

But I am once again doing okay. Though not at all interested in dating again until my son is 34!! And am so happy to have this bright, new, shiny site, where we can all come together and share our own stories of divorce and grief and joy and life and lean toward all the good things that are surely headed our way.

Thanks for stopping by! Please share you story or just sign the guestbook on this page here, and take some time to read about everyone else’s journey through loss. It’s actually very comforting to see how much company there is! More than 600 posts on this site to date! Or read some of the articles I wrote that compress the lessons I learned into 550 words, to share with your friends, or just read for yourself, and leave a comment. There are lots of places to share part of your journey, and I’d love to read it, and provide you whatever company I can.

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8 thoughts on “A new home

  1. All I can say is THANK YOU…your book is the only thing that has ever made me feel like there is still light at the end of this long tunnel, sadly I’m not a big reader but ur book found me somehow. You put into words what I have felt for a long time but could never find the right words for how I felt, you give me hope and I thank you so much for that!

    • Megan, you are so welcome. When I was down and out, I longed for company. And being able to be that for people is truly one of the most rewarding things ever. Keep walking toward the woman you want to be on the other side of all this pain, on the other side of the tunnel: She is waiting for you!! xo—Stacy

  2. I’m sitting here listening to Stacy Morrison telling me the story of my marriage and divorce in the audio book of Falling Apart In One Piece. WOMAN! Were you watching me? :-)

    I was always SO shocked that people would ask me if I saw the end of my marriage coming. I read it as they thought I was the one who was left – I had asked my husband to leave. But he had left me long before then. I see now that they were just asking to test the temperature of their own marriages. My single friends never asked that.

    Thank you for this book!

    • Sandra, thanks for stopping by to say hi and share our little bond. ;) And I’m so glad you are enjoying the book. I felt like someone had to let out the dirty little secret — that what people need from our divorces is exactly the opposite of what we need to heal and move on. Sending you hugs! SLM

  3. Hi there all the way from Australia. It wasn’t chance that I picked up your book. It helped me so much! Most of all it made me feel normal. Thank you ever so much. Wen

    • Wendy, I can’t believe my book make it to Australia! Thanks for letting me know! And I’m so glad what you got out of it was “normal,” ’cause lord knows that is not what I felt but it was what I so very much wanted. But I got there! As did you! xo

  4. So I just finished your book today and like I said in a tweet to you this afternoon, I really didn’t want this book to end. I read every page carefully and took the words to heart. I have a three year old special needs son, who has cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, is blind and fed thru a feeding tube. My ex-husband, left us four times. I know you’re thinking what type of woman allows a man to hurt her and leave, then comeback that many times…right? I will tell you, a woman who is still deeply in love with her ex-husband. It’s strange that everything you were writing hit so close to home. I would plan trips and buy tickets to concerts in hopes that if I planned far enough down the line that maybe he’d stay. Our relationship now is fantastic, granted we still hangout alot because at the end of the day he is still my bestfriend. He is the one person I never get tired of. The one person, whether somethingngood or bad happens I want him to be my first call. I’m not sure how to reprogram my brain to call someone else. Granted I am not dating because my heart is still in shambles. I pray one day we can get back together, but that’s probably a long shot, I do realize this. I just had to let you know that your book opened my eyes to what my ex was feeling. Your book changed me and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for sharing the most intimate details of your life. You’re a brave and honest woman, I admire you.

    • Michelle, Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your story! (I’m sorry my spamblocker caught your comment and I didn’t see it until today. Boo!!) I wish you success on your journey to the other side of all this, and it sounds like you are doing great! As for honesty, a line I always amuse myself with is this one: It is true that the truth is what sets you free — but that doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good. But yes, seeing the truth of the end of my marriage did set me free, and I will be forever grateful for having been given the choice to fold up or keep going, and learning that I could keep going! Very best to you and your son. xo

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